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Let us EASY-UP your website, making it stress-free for you to update!

Update your site from your phone, tablet or desktop!

Less stress and EASY to update!


We can add easy edit technology to your website, making it easier for you to update. You will be able to keep your website current and looking great!

  • safely and easily edit your website from your phone, tablet, or desktop
  • no need to download an app for editing, just open your browser
  • track your changes without learning complicated CMS (content management system)
  • maintain ownership of your site designs, files and hosting flexibility
  • based on up-to-date code compliant HTML5 & CSS standards
  • use the built in Google Analytics Dashboard
  • keep your current hosting service
  • keep your domain name
  • fast and friendly support
  • one time set-up fee & low monthly cost

Many churches experience challenges when it comes to keeping their website current. Our mission is to help churches easily tell the good news of their ministry through their online presence!

Time for a new website?

Makeover Quiz:

  • 1. Is your church website visitor-friendly?YN
  • 2. Does your website adequately reflect your ministry?YN
  • 3. Does your church website have current information?YN
  • 4. Is it "mobile-friendly", easy to use on handheld devices?YN
  • 5. Does the overall design of your church website look up-to-date?YN
  • 6. Are the photos inviting, convincingly telling your story?YN
  • 7. Is your website integrated with your social media efforts?YN
  • 8. Is your church website member-friendly?YN
  • 9. Does your site incorporate a way to track page visits?YN
  • 10. Is your website easy to update, even on the go?YN
Start Over

Website makeover time?

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Thinking about a new website can be very confusing. Technology keeps changing and web design practices change rapidly as well. Most challenging is staying focused on church ministry rather than spending time learning complicated CMS software or web coding.

That's where we can help! We can re-new your website, bring it up-to-date, and at the same time encorporate easy edit technology. We can customize your site to meet your ministry needs and reflect your church size. Your site will look great on handheld devices and desktop computers. And, you will easily be able to keep your website up to date!

  • created with current design trends
  • fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • integrated with your social media efforts
  • features that enhance your ministry
  • includes easy edit CMS technology
  • fast, personal and friendly support
  • design fee & low monthly cost

Our primary web designer and developer, Dale Marx has served for many years in local churches as a Youth Minister and has learned how church ministry and church websites intersect. "Have the big picture in mind first, then the details are easier to define." As a free-lance web designer and artist, Dale has a desire to help churches present themselves online as a welcoming and friendly place to visit; and make it easy for churches to keep their website current and effective.

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